"Memorable small group experiences in the South of France"

O! France

O! France’s expert guidance will allow you to experience luxury travel in Provence, one of the most beautiful places in France, a country blessed with breathtaking landscapes, a rich and varied history and centuries-old traditions of art, culture and gastronomic delights. Authentic historical properties will be your home for the week. Small groups of like-minded travellers, a relaxed pace, memorable meals accompanied by specially selected wines and visits to carefully chosen destinations will give you a unique, exceptional and very personal perspective on French culture.


In 2015, we are planning a very special week in Provence, long considered one of the most stunning regions in France. With its sunny Mediterranean personality, colourful markets, beautiful hilltop villages, unforgettable scenery and classified towns of art and culture, Provence delivers an unforgettable experience. We will cruise the Calanques of Cassis, walk in the footsteps of Van Gogh, visit the 2000 year old Pont du Gard, a Unesco World Heritage Site, and savour multi-course dinners with carefully chosen wines each night in our 14th Century Castle.

Follow the Flock

Little Bo Peep has lost her sheep…. Not really. First of all, the sheep are definitely not lost – we know where to find them: In the Alps, the Pyrenees, the South West, and of course Provence.

Each year, around the end of May and beginning of June, transhumance takes place.  Transhumance is a Latin term where ‘trans’ means across and ‘humus’ means ground. The herders and their flocks travel to higher pastures in the spring. France loves celebrations and festivals, and a few thousand sheep crossing towns and villages is surely cause for a grand Fête, n’est-ce pas? (more…)