Comicon in Provence

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Comicon in Provence

Where else but in Provence does a Comic Book Convention last a whole 3 months! Remember, this is the land of the one month vacation and multiple four-day weekends. When the French see a good thing, they make sure to take time to en profiter pleinement (to take full advantage and enjoy).

The 10th Annual Rencontres du 9è Art – Meetings of the 9th Art – started in March and will last through May. Yes, Comic Books have been added to the official list of the 9 Arts that include Architecture, Scuplture, Painting, Dance, Music, Poetry, Cinema, Media (Photography, Television). Now that’s status!

The Festival is proof that some of us never grow up:  you can dress up as your favourite comic book character and attend presentations, seminars, meetings, exhibits,  discussion panels …the list goes on and on and all showcase the art of the Comic Book – known as Bandes Dessinées or BD. BD artists from France (of course), Germany, Belgium, Lebanon, Holland, Columbia, Spain, and the United States will showcase their art in galleries and open air venues, salons and libraries, convention halls and schools, they are taking over Aix!

See the program to find out how much our French Friends love their BDs (Bandes Dessinées), and check out our tours to find out how you can join us for an unforgettable day in Aix-en-Provence!

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