Facebook – Love it or Leave it?

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Facebook – Love it or Leave it?

O! France now has a Facebook page. Past and future guests were clamouring for photos taken while we lead our great groups through two of the most beautiful places in France: the Dordogne and Provence, and Facebook seems like the ideal venue to post these for all to enjoy. However, reaction has been interesting and quite polarised. It must be said that there is a negative side to Facebook and that it has been misused with in some cases, tragic results. Some have told me they cannot condone this and will not support it. Others want to relive great memories and revisit the places they so enjoyed, albeit vicariously, and future guests want a taste of what is to come. I like to think that as in many other aspects of life, the positive outweighs the negative. Facebook is, I believe, a very effective way to share our O! France experiences with many many people all over the world, and showcasing these regions is our raison d’être. It’s what we do with so much enthusiasm and great pleasure year after year. Until I find a better way of reaching out to Francophiles everywhere, I chose to love it. For now.

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