La galette des rois

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La galette des rois

January 6 is the Epiphany, and in France, it is traditionally celebrated with a galette des rois, a scrumptious flaky almond cake with a bean or a tiny figurine (depending on where you celebrate) baked into the cake. In Provence, a santon – a small terracotta figurine depicting various figures of village life – is used. The person who finds the figurine in his or her slice of cake becomes king or queen for the day. I have read that in the French court during one of the Louis’ reign, whoever got the bean or figurine was allowed, as king or queen for the evening, to abolish all rules during his or her (albeit short) reign and a night of frivolity and sometimes questionable antics ensued. The French President, because of certain etiquette rules, is not allowed to have this privilege, so each January, a galette without a bean or figurine is served at the Elysée!


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