O! France for Foodies

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O! France for Foodies

We are a mere two months away from our annual
O! France experiences: One fabulous week in the historical Dordogne and one memorable week in picture perfect Provence. At this point in our planning process we are finalising delicious dinner menus with our chefs, Nella and Djamila. These special ladies create memorable meals for us each night using only the freshest seasonal organic products. This year, our trips take place in the fall, and today, let me present a taste of the autumnal Dordogne. It is said that if a Frenchman’s heart lives in Paris, his stomach resides in the Dordogne Valley. Fall menus in the Dordogne include cèpes (porcini) and a multitude of delicious mushrooms, often served in savoury omelets. And then there are the walnuts, which were so valuable in the Middle Ages that they were used to pay debts. They are showcased in walnut cakes and vin de noix, both local specialities and in walnut oil, delicious in vinaigrettes and drizzled on grilled vegetables. Ah, the duck – served every which way, most often in decadent confits. Then of course there is the ubiquitous  foie gras  which appears on baguette slices for appetizers, as a garnish for salads, in slivers on an omelet and on its glorious own as a separate course (it can be found in every farmer’s market as well as in an amazing number of stores and specialty boutiques).  Not to be forgotten is the local goat cheese known as cabecou, delicious on toasted bread along with a dollop of honey and a few walnuts. Of course, all this tastes even better in our 17th Century dining room with its vaulted stone ceiling after a day discovering this storied region or in a very special little restaurant open only for Sunday lunch that serves food made from ingredients sourced from the owner’s farm. To experience both Dordogne and Provence specialties, do join us in 2014!



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