O! France – Unique, Authentique, Magnifique!

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O! France – Unique, Authentique, Magnifique!

With over 20 years of travel, wining and dining in France, we have created unique, memorable and authentic experiences for our guests. Find out more about O! France and our fun approach to visiting the storied regions of Provence and the Dordogne. We stay in castles and classified historical buildings. Our guests are the nicest people who share a spirit of adventure, a curiosity for history, an appreciation for art, an interest in different cultures, and of course a love of food and wine. We like a relaxed pace and some down time, but nightly dinners at home sharing stories around the dining room table are a highlight. We explore towns and villages on our own but  enjoy learning about historical buildings and 40,000 year old cave art from historians and archaeologists. We grab a bite from a paella stand at a Provençal market or savour a three course meal in a restaurant cantilevered over a rushing river. We enjoy wines in renowned winery tasting rooms or quaff chilled rosé by the pool. The possibilities are endless and the trips unforgettable.

Hopefully, we have piqued your interest. Visit us often and you will learn fun historical facts, discover unique festivals, find out about upcoming events, get helpful travel tips and learn all about what has made these spectacular regions so popular!


  1. Magnifique!!

  2. A wonderful experience!

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